The main direction of our company is auto-trucking. During our existence we have accumulated a wide experience of delivery of various cargoes through the territory of Western and Eastern Europe, delivery of goods to the cities of the Northern and Southern directions. The company is constantly growing and developing, expanding the range of its capabilities, improving the quality of service provided and the geography of transportation.

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Main types of cargo transportation:

Transportation of fruit

Transportation requires special care and compliance with the requirements and conditions of temperature transportation. We are ready to quickly and efficiently deliver perishable products along the roads of Europe and Russia. The equipment of cars with refrigerators allows to observe conditions of a cargo transportation and to keep attractive appearance and flavoring qualities of a product.

Transportation of flowers

We have and use specially equipped and designed for the carriage of flowers only the new transport of 2018 of release. Refrigeration plants provide the necessary thermal climate and transportation conditions. Smooth running, as well as the ability to securely secure the load allows you to deliver it on time and in safety.

Transportation of household appliances

Transportation of large household appliances due to high cost is carried out carefully and as carefully as possible. Each stage of transportation is carried out exactly with the plan. Verified by the satellite monitoring system Dynafleet Vovlo.еревозка крупной бытовой техники из-за высокой стоимости осуществляется внимательно и максимально бережно. Каждый этап перевозки выполняется в точности с планом. Убедиться в этом помогает спутниковая система мониторинга Dynafleet Vovlo.

Transportation of dangerous goods

We offer our clients the services of transportation of dangerous goods. This is a specific type of transportation. We have rolling stock, which is equipped with special communication facilities, additional equipment and ADR kits

Transportation of medicines

Transportation of medicines is a responsible and complex task, it requires not only a high-quality refrigerator camera, but also professionalism on the whole transportation chain: from the manager who serves the order to the driver who carries the medicines.

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